Refund Policy

There are few cases when a refund is possible

If by any chance there has been a duplicate payment for the same order. If by any chance we have delivered two identical vouchers instead of two different. If by any chance we have not delivered the purchased product i a time period of 7 working days.

Cases when refund is not possible

Refund cannot be done if You make a purchase, recive the voucher and decide that You don't need the voucher. Refund cannot be done if You wish not to use the voucher for all the period of its validity for example You purchase a voucher with 3 Months validity, use it for month and a half and ask for refund for the remaining month and a half.

To receive a refund You must provide us order info(date of purchase, amount, payment method) and explanation why You are entitled for a refund. Send all the info on

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